About us

About us

tombo.pt aims to promote and simplify genealogical researches in Portugal. This site is an individual initiative of the author, João Ventura. who doesn't work nor receives any support or privileged information from any of the Portuguese archives. To know when any of the unpublished books will be made available, we advise to contact the archive responsible for them, through the respective information link. Likewise, we have no information on the reason for any of the archive sites being offline, nor when they might become available again (we recommend checking status.tombo.pt in these cases).

Despite the enormous quantity of parish books and databases available online, these resources are spread over a few dozen distinct websites, making it difficult for beginning genealogists. This is aggravated by the fact that some books can be found in archives outside the respective district. Before the creation of this site, there existed another called etombo.com that was the main source of inspiration and the model to follow. Unfortunately. etombo.com stopped being updated, becoming a shadow of itself, and creating the motivation to develop this project.

This site is free to access, and will never restrict the access to information to subscribers. There are however, ongoing expenses related to the provision of the service (domains, server, etc.), which the site covers through the use of sponsoring and paid advertisements.

The author of this site does not work for any archive in Portugal, and as such is unable to answer any questions about the future availability of the parish books, nor help in genealogical research. If you need to contact the author, please ask in the site's Facebook page. We recommend also that you read our Privacy policy.

The author hopes that tombo.pt is as useful to you, in your genealogical research, as it is to him. Even though the author strives to keep all information up-to-date, eventually some data will become outdated. In that case. we'd appreciate that you inform the author in our Facebook page.


We'd like to thank everyone that somehow contributed to this project. Among others, Tiago Faro Pedroso (author of etombo.com), Rita Van Zeller (for the macros and the valuable information provided in her site), Manuela Alves (for the mail campaign to the DGLAB director that unblocked an avalanche of several thousand of parish books), the administrators of the genealogy groups frequented by the author in Google Groups and Facebook and to the others that by mistake I forgot to mention. Last, but not least, a special thanks to the anonymous without whom this site wouldn't make any sense: the archivists of the different Portuguese archives and the volunteers of the Genealogical Society of Utah, an enormous thank you for the several million scanned images and the sincere wishes of an a good ongoing work.